At some point in your life, you may have had a challenge adjusting to a new

hairstyle.  You saw someone, a celebrity perhaps, wearing a certain hairdo and thought, I like that!  After some major social media research and self searching, you decide that it’s the one for you.  You may even decide to go for it–no feedback from friends and family.  It’s time for a makeover and you are going to live with, come what may!

Unfortunately, just as when you bought that new car before you

did all the calculations, you can get buyer’s remorse.  Buyer’s remorse in the salon business comes in many forms but most often when people have trouble adjusting to a new hairstyle.  A person will do any of the following:

  •  Questioning the service done
  • Ask for major adjustments in the way it was styled
  • Review the bill
  • Ask for a refund
  • Call the next day and request a return to the regular look
  • Call later in the day and request a return to the regular look
  • Argue the outcome of the color, length, cut etc. on the basis that it was not what was discussed
  • Cry
  • Get the mother/husband/controlling sister to call.

In hairstyling school, to avoid having any issues with people adjusting to a new hairstyle, you are trained

to do a consultation.  If the person is not sure what they want and doesn’t like what they get, a consultation will not help you.  But, do it anyway.  

I have found that people have trouble adjusting to a new hairstyle in the following  instances:

  • Went from a dark color to a blonde
  • Went from blonde to brown and darker.
  • Did dreadlocks and found out they have less hair or much finer texture than previously believed
  • After braid extensions or cornrows, found they had little hair at the forehead area
  • Realized that their hair was much thinner after a silk press
  • Went from long to short hair

These were just some of the examples when many hairstylists have had to hold a client’s hand when they have trouble adjusting to a new hairstyle.  It usually takes a few days to a week while their eyes or family and friends get used to the new look.  

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

Books:  “Talking Hair”, “Filling My Head” &

“Dreadlocks – A Hairstylist’s Manifest”.

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