Every time an appointment is taken in a salon, one is asked how much

time does it really take to get your hair done.  There are several services that a salon can offer, each with a time for completion.  We can estimate the time and give an idea of the cost a lot of the time but sometimes it is not always possible! 

The various services offered by a hair salon each carry an

expected time of completion.  The estimated time may increase/decrease depending on:

  • Service required 
  • Hair texture
  • Hair length
  • Budget
  • Did client bring enough extensions
  • Is the result what the client wants

There have been so many times over my career that an

appointment has gone over the time it was expected.  Whether it came about from a late arrival, an underlying pigment that refused to budge or someone who decided the makeover they wanted did not turn them into Beyonce or Kim.

Of course, everyone works at their pace.  The time I will take to do, for example, a relaxer, is not the same for another stylist.  The most seasoned stylist cannot say how much time does it really take to get your hair done but they can give you an idea and you both work from there.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

Books:  “Talking Hair”, Filling My Head” & “Dreadlocks – A Hairstylist’s Manifest”.


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