As you consider what to do with your life, there are some things you never

think to do for work.  For the majority, we are given choices like becoming a teacher, lawyer, doctor etc. but later you discover the job you choose can lead you down some different paths!

I had to attend a funeral of a friend who I had seen a few years ago. 

It was a packed affair and I ended up having to view via streaming from a second room. To get to that room meant going down a short corridor and I recalled one different job I had to do.

Hairstylists get clients who are very mature too.  Many mature

clients still get their hair cut and/or styled although aging causes some loss.  I was referred to this elegant, mature lady, who started coming weekly for hair services.  This went on for a few years until a relative informed me that she had fallen ill.  She passed away shortly after and I was asked if I would do her hair.  I consulted with a more experienced colleague and she assured me that this was an instance of some things you never think to do for work!


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Well, I confess I was a bit worried and I was given the

option to back out of the request.  But, I thought about her and how we had such interesting conversations and how she encouraged me in advancing my work, so I decided to accept. The worker at the home who met me on the day I went, directed me how to get to her room.  I held my head straight not looking into any rooms in case anyone was laid out!  

Before my client had her hair done, she looked unhappy. In life, she always had her hair straightened and curled.  I swear, after I was done styling her hair, she looked as if she was smiling. I did get over my phobia and try applying for more gigs in that field but it is a limited growth area.  Today, I was reminded of that time and thought of it as some things you never think to do for work as a hairstylist.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

Books:  “Talking Hair”, “Filling My Head” & Dreadlocks – A Hairstylist’s Manifest.