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Single process $80-$95*
Double¬†process¬†$100 ‚Äď $150*
Full highlights $100 ‚Äď $130*
Partial highlights $75*
Men’s colour¬† (fade)¬†$40*

*long hair extra


**Hair extensions tracks $30 each
Braids $150++
Weaves $130+
Crochet Braids $120 (with loop); $140+ Normal Hair
By consultation Dreadlocks $65/hour

ACV Wash for Dreadlocks $30                                                             +/++ Prices start at this amount; Long Hair Extra.                              *Braids are $65/hr depending on length chosen


Permanents 100+
Spiral $150
Anti-frizz $130
Curls $120+
Relaxers $90+
Virgin $90+

Wash & Style $60 plus
Wash $20
Haircut w/styling $60+


Comb Twists $40+
2-Strand Twist $70 
Cornrows (no exten.) $35/$45+ 
Cornrows w/exten. $60+ 
Rod Set $90 
Straw Set $90
Wash & Straighten $60
Haircut $35+
Keratin Straightening $400

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