Sometimes you interact with a client at the salon and you have no idea what the outcome will be.  It is a 

negotiation and each side has an expectation.  Both  sides are hopefully managing these expectations, but getting there takes proper communication.  The closures we have been experiencing  impact many areas of our lives.  It impacts our relationships, income, psyche and the children.  We have to ensure we are able to control what the outcome will be while not understanding all the information being thrown at us.   Right now, our very lives depend upon it.


Whatever you have to do to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind, do it. 

One way I find helps me is to do something new with my hair every day.¬† No shaving by the way!¬† That would be like some women abandoned by a boyfriend–it is never worth it.¬† Some ways to cope are:

  • Change your hairstyle every day; add a headband, make it curly, as long as it is not how you usually have it.¬† If people comment, you went all the way–good job!¬†
  • wear a different lipstick, in that colour you were too chicken to try but have in stock.
  • Exercise; if you normally do, try another form. There is so much online to choose from.
  • Do something you promised to do someday, today;¬† e.g. baking, cleaning the basement.

Whatever it takes, make sure what the outcome will be is positive!

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


Business is currently closed until the end of the month.  We will keep you updated.  Stay Safe!