Are braids still in style in 2017?  Definitely, a yes!  Are they the same ones we are used to? No!  Braids have been the staple for people who have no time to do their hair daily.  It works for worry-free vacations; hiding a short haircut or damaged tresses.  If you have ever wanted a hair color that you could not possibly try on your own hair, braids are the way to go.


Braids are still fashionable in 2017 but the type of braids are different.  Currently, braids that use the crochet-hook method are far more popular.  These braids come already made with a loop at the top.  The hairstylist uses a crochet  hook to install them.

A head can use sometimes up to 10 packages or more  to do e.g. small senegalese twists.  The amount used depends on the amount of hair each package contains.  The finished look is very elegant but may be heavy until your head gets used to the weight.  This method makes it much easier to finish a head and in less time.

Braids popular now are:


  • Box braids, a.k.a “poetic justice braids” are much larger than regular braids.
  • Jamaica Bounce
  • Spiral Curl
  • Senegalese Twist
  • Havana /Mambo twist
  • Straight crochet braids but in 18 inches or longer for those who want waist smimming lengths
  • French deep Curls, Jerry curls, Kinky Short etc.

These are just the popular ones but the regular braided on your head medium braids are still around. ¬†The younger women are just not into them right now (see Instagram, Pinterest). ¬†I am really liking the posts on one site called “locnationtm” for natural and locked styles.


Yes braids are still in style in 2017. ¬†They also come in all colors from pastels to punk. Lengths vary from a short 10 inches to a waist-length 22 inches! ¬†It’s the summer–live a little!



Paula Barker