My clients and I have interesting and entertaining conversations.   This last week, we were discussing how one anchor at some television station was about to be cut because viewers were not “enthralled” with her new look.  I say this because looking at her new “‘do”, she looked fine, in fact I felt she looked great.  However, her handlers felt that changing her look destroyed ratings and she was on the chopping block.  Of course, my clients and I had a field day, offering reasons this should not happen in 2017!  How could changing your hairstyle, change your look so much that loyal fans would suddenly turn on you?

Of course, the answer does not lie in her ‘look’.  What happened was she went from a hard-talking no-nonsense anchor to the sweet, girl next door, and viewers who love to see a strong woman are not buying it.  I use this as an example, but really, I wanted just to highlight how a change in hairstyle can change how you are perceived by others.

If you decided to change your look for a party, and instead of the usual bob cut or long ponytail you chose to wear some romantic curls, what would your friends/significant other say?  As a hairstylist, I am always trying to get a new look but for some people this is not quite so easy.  I always want to know where they are going, what they are wearing and see how I can get them to jazz it up.  Sadly, not all of them appreciate my enthusiasm but I gently nudge them until next time.

The argument for a complete overhaul of your look should be considered if you still look like you did six years ago.  Even if you have locks, in this environment, you should be trying the new hairstyles so popular now.  Gone are the days when you stayed in the same look for ages.  There are wigs, extensions, colors galore, haircuts, designs in the hair :  there is no excuse to not try something new.  I really love seeing female seniors with the grey rocking some pastel or punk color patch.  Grey hair is so hot  it is normal to see 20 year-olds  with a full head of grey-colored hair!

A new hairstyle can change how you look.  It could make you look younger and make people want to talk with you more.  At the very least, it will give you someone exciting to look at in the morning.

By Paula Barker (Silkie Locks Hair design)

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