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How To Prevent Hair Breakage After bleaching

How to prevent hair breakage after bleaching the hair to have the ombre and now bayalage look should be on your checklist for the summer.   For those who want a lighter tresses, bleaching or lightening the hair is most times an essential first step.  Bleaching or lightening does cause breakage if care is not taken.  To prevent this, here are some of the steps to stop this happening:

  • ¬†Check the condition of the hair:¬†¬†If the hair feels thin or porous, a deep conditioning a week before the color change is necessary. ¬†For the hair have better condition may require up to 3 treatments. ¬†Delay the color until the hair feels better to the touch.
  • Check Timing: ¬†During the process, check the hair regularly to make sure the hair is not being over processed. ¬†Ninety percent of the problems with hair breakage results from this misstep. ¬†When the integrity of the hair is gone, the hair looks lifeless. ¬†It will lose its lustre and bounciness, which is what you want to keep. ¬†Healthy hair looks beautiful. ¬†Over-processed hair looks dry and frizzy.Trim your ends:if the hair is over processed, a trim might be necessary. ¬†When the ends of the hair are even, they will not break. ¬†Over-processed hair feels like straw. ¬†It will lie lifeless and look thin. ¬†You might want to wait and trim it off gradually to keep some hair, but a cut is one of the solutions.


  • Various hair care companies have come up with products that can instantly stop the ravages of over processing on the hair. ¬†This products work by restoring the hair’s integrity instantly and halting the damage by the lightening or other chemical processes. ¬†By controlling the destruction of the hair with this step, a drastic haircut should not be necessary.¬† ¬†Check with a professional to find what brand they use as they are in-salon only products.

Whether you are lightening the hair from black or light brown to blond puts you in the same position if the hair is not in good condition. ¬†Any chemical will change the hair structure, therefore, a regular regiment of conditioning is necessary. ¬†Weekly treatments are best and should be used in conjunction with regular trims. ¬†Don’t get me started on eating properly: ¬†your hair is a strong representation of your eating habits.

At Silkie Locks Hair Design in Ottawa, we take your hair’s health very seriously. ¬†We want you to have your own hair even when we can add some.

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