If you attend quite a few occasions like weddings, proms and any formal event, you might have considered how you could change your hairstyle.  You may also have dismissed the idea because you did not have enough hair or had no idea what are hair updos.  This blurb will educate and perhaps entice you to try one out next time!

Hair updos are styles of putting the hair up so it is off the shoulder or half up with the rest hanging down.  There can be curls or it can be straight.  The look can be severe or simply sexy.  Who can resist a fall of curls over a stunning dress or gown?  The choice of style really depends on what look you are going for.


I like to ask what type of occasion the client is attending, e.g. wedding.  I also want to know what type of dress she will be wearing.  Some occasions fit certain hairstyles but the dress has priority for the overall look.  For instance, if the dress is full of bling and ruffles and feathers, a more simple hairstyle is perfect so it is not competing with the dress and vice versa.

Next I want to think about the client’s personality. ¬†Will she be comfortable with the million curls she is demanding or will she spend the whole evening trying to pin it behind her ear? ¬†A lot of females choose styles that look good on celebrities but it totally unsuitable for their personality.



Now if the client has decided to go all out and try something new, I am game.  Sometimes a little too much but I let them know they can hold me back!  It is nice to try a new look when there is a special occasion.  If you usually wear your hair down, it is the perfect time to try it up.  Keep in mind though that updo styles work better on hair over a day old:  the pins tend to slip out when the hair was recently washed.  If you forget, then hairspray is always a good option.

The next time you have an occasion, try an updo style.  It will make you feel better to try something new and think of the compliments you will get!


By Paula Barker, Silkielocks.com

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