I was on one of the social media platforms recently and a question on why wax dreads sparked a bit of debate.  While some folks were for eliminating it completely, others had nothing but positive stories to relate.  So why the discrepancy?  Why are some singing its praises  while others shower it with hate?

Pros & Cons

Beeswax is regularly used in the hair industry to smooth moustaches and in hair pomades.  With the increased demand for instant dreads, it became popular to use it to tame flyaways that are a byproduct of backcombing.  While I use it when the dreads are made initially, I do not use it in subsequent visits.  I find it builds up in the between the hairs and is very difficult to remove so I prefer to use the crochet method for maintenance.  I take a small amount and rub it between my fingers just to make it soften and rub it along the shaft.

However, I have come across clients who get stylists who use beeswax and not backcombing to keep the dread in place.  I have squeezed  wax from some dreads that took a whole roll of paper serviettes. ( Do not use your good towels to try and remove it  either because it is impossible to get it out).   What they do not realize is that the wax stops the dreads from locking and each time the hair is washed it becomes a softened mess which just collects dust.

There are also clients who swear by it and use a little each time they palm roll/interlock their dreads.  This works in part because they use a small amount each time so  there is not a lot of build up.  When the hair is washed it softens but it just looks like towel fluff on some parts.  I prefer to not use it at all after the first appointment so a jar of beeswax last me for years.  If I know the client is unable to come to me because of distance. I instruct them to use just a touch of it during the first month to keep it neat.  Afterwards, I ask them to palm roll or crochet and their dreads are fine when they do get to come in.

I cannot tell a person what to do, I can only talk from my experience.   My take is use just a little initially and try to use some other method for maintainance as the dreads start to mature.  Your dreads will look cleaner and will not feel sticky whenever you wash them or become a magnet for dust.

By Paula Barker, Silkielocks/com

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