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Everyone likes a bargain, and finding products on  sale makes everyone want to get a lot more.   Whether it is clothes, shoes, food or massages, you have to admit it gives a funny kind of thrill to get more bang for your buck,   Hair products are one of those things people  try to save on but can cheap shampoo cause dandruff?

Shampoo manufactured for professional use is ph balanced so it is gentle on the skin.  It is full of softeners and conditioners that are excellent for the hair type for which it is made.   A lot of research is put into the making of these shampoos so the likelihood of it drying out your hair is near impossible unless you perhaps use the wrong one for your hair type for a prolonged period.  If you purchase shampoo from other sources than do not respect the ph of the skin, then you may have a different result.

Shampoo that is not ph-balanced makes the scalp dry up and flakes to appear.  If a person continues to use it for a long period of time, the problem only grows bigger.    Shampoos sold in hair salons have a higher cost for good reason, it costs more to get the best ingredients that make hair supple and silky.  Products found in discount centres have no such guarantees.

For the best hair that is healthy and beautiful, using professional products as well as eating healthy is a must.  Professional products also last longer because they are concentrated so you need less to do the job.    Always try to get good quality shampoos, people will notice it more.


By Paula Barker,

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