Let’s face it ladies, the men have

stepped up their game and in the last two years, there are many dope hairstyles for men!  No longer are they just sitting back and willing to let us control the fashion game but they are challenging us for the hair game as well.  I cannot remember when the hair industry has seen so many dope hair styles for men and I think this is only the beginning!

For many years men were content to have just the normal haircut–no bells or whistles.  They were content to let the women enjoy themselves by changing their hairstyles.   Any change from the norm was noticed immediately and the person was often at first subject to ridicule.  After that many took the plunge and were fashion forward with the high top, flat top, slant top, pompadour, mohawk etc.  They came with mostly musicians like Michael Jackson, Prince or Elvis or athletes like Iverson and Rodman.   Rock stars like Kiss and nowadays Asap Rocky and Bob Marley, of course.  The last few years though, I must say the men have surpassed the ladies in the number of styles they have.

Guys now have options

to have a side pompadour, a tight fade with a high top; a flat top with texturiser or a perm or just left curly; a man bun with an outline; man bun with a goatee; man bun with an extra long beard; man bun with braids, man bun made of locks; man bun of curly or straight hair; man bun of faux locks; short dreads; long dreads; faux short or long dreads; long braids; twists; mohawk made of dreads; box braids or just large plaits hanging in the face.  I am just amazed they can decide what to do to themselves!

I did not mention they they are also into colour because of the soccer players from the world cup soccer matches.  Those sporting dreads are doing more colour than ever before and in brighter shades too.  There are still men  who refuse to join the pack and maintain their corporate look but they might add an outline at the back or in the hairline just for a change.

Yes, this was the summer for dope hairstyles for men so ladies we have to reclaim our title!


By Paula Barker (Silkielocks.com)

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