It’s almost summer and you have decided it’s time to up your hair game and go short!¬† You have figured out the hair and now want to figure out dresses which suit short hair.¬† After all, if you are like me, you understand why after the winter people (as in Ottawa) want to dress as free as¬† possible when summer rolls around. Six months of consistent winter dressing does that to you.

Personally, I  think one should stick to form fitting dresses as they give a more balanced figure.  If there is any excess it should be on the bottom.  You do not want to have too much material around the face.  The face needs to be free to showcase jewellery or makeup and of course the hair.    A cute pixie cut a la Ms. Halle Berry or Michelle Williams sounds about right.  These days short cuts have more length in the front so one can add a bit of oomph! to the style.

Maybe you don’t want a pixie cut, but would opt for something a little longer:¬† this works too!¬† A¬† ¬†flare cut out dress will jazz up the look!¬† This time of year there lots of dresses with floral or geometric prints.¬† I always say choose the style of dress that is most complimentary to your body type no matter what is in fashion.¬† There are people who sacrifice¬† their good features just to wear the latest look despite it being unflattering to the eye.¬† For example, if you have wide hips, choosing a wide skirt can make you look much larger that you really are.¬† Going for a closer pencil cut skirt would be best.

Dresses which suit short hair can be formal or casual, long or short with a pattern or not.  You have a lot of options to choose from so go ahead and make a change.  Trend Alert:  A lot of the short cuts now have lines or patterns  in them too so you will look so hot!

By Paula Barker,

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