A new mother eventually comes to the realisation that she has to look after herself.  After a nine month stint, possibly many hours in labour and a couple of months looking after a new baby, she needs to get her hair done.  While wondering how she let herself get to this level of neglect it occurs to her, she is not comfortable leaving her baby.  I found new mothers get overwhelmed by this–by kid #2, she has a babysitter on speed dial.  She is about to  learn a life skill called taking baby on a hair appointment.

Before you go booking an appointment to see the hairstylist, it is best to call and ask if the salon allows it.  Do not be annoyed if they will not.  They have to think of the other clients and you and your baby’s safety.


I frequently have clients bring baby with them because I usually work by appointments.   The mother is happy to be able to keep her child with her.  Babies will sleep most of the time but if they wake up, they are so fascinated to be in this new area, they stay quiet just trying to get everything in.  The moms are also relieved to have one more thing off the to-do list and have conversation with another adult who is not  their husband.

To make the appointments go smoothly, have the mother plan the appointment around baby’s sleep time.  They will bring all the snacks and toys and if the baby is like some I have had in the past, there will missiles thrown or items dropped here and there.   I do not recommend doing long services as an hour is about all the child will take lying down.

Helping a new mother by letting her come in with her baby on an appointment is not going to always happen so you should consider it if you can.  This helps the child deal with social situations and may be a future client.

By Paula Barker, Silkielocks.com

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