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I have been having hair envy recently with the available amount of hair jewellery for locks.  Forget the normal beads such as those you splurge on while vacationing in hot climates. this is amazing stuff.  Now you can get glass, wood, metal or many other materials than ever before.  There are spirals, crystal, silver and coils and sleeves to dress your hair to your heart’s content.  Hair jewellery for locks is not new, but they have returned with a vengeance behind the natural hair movement.

The most recent celebrity to embrace this trend before it took off I remember is Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean.  He pretty much had all the kinds of jewellery in his dreadlocks but I never paid as much attention until now.  In fact, not only was his head a mix of textures, he had a full dread of jewellery.  Trending Box braids caused the need for bling and now it is common to see women and men with some form of hair jewellery for locks.

While it is great to have jewellery for locks, here are a few points to remember when wearing them:
  • change the position of the bead occasionally as it can become embedded in the dread.  I have seen cases where the dreads had to be cut to remove the beads as it had surrounded it.
  • try not to add beads until it is fully locked as it stops the locking process where it is
  • it can cause buildup as that point of the dreadlocks.
  • make sure the bead is not too heavy for the dread it is put on as it weakens it
  • if you have heavy beads on your longer dreadlocks, try not to turn suddenly as it could hurt you, maybe damage your teeth.

There are many designers for hair jewellery for locks online and they are doing amazing work.  The prices vary too so you get to choose what suits your budget.

By Paula Barker,

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