Every now and then in a hairstylist’s life, you get that one client who is indecisive to a fault.  This does not happen regularly as I said, but when it does happen, if you are not a seasoned stylist, they can catch you off guard.  They walk and talk as people who know what they want in life and their hair game, and then you start to do what you just discussed and they get indecisive to a fault.

While you are doing the consultation, they will give the distinct impression that they want a change–a complete makeover.  They offer to make you decide what style would effect this transformation and you fall for it.  As a stylist who loves to make people look how I feel is amazing, I jump right in and offer a ton of suggestions.  Needless to say, after continued rejections, it suddenly dawns on you that they are not about to move forward today.

Typically,  today will go one of these ways:

  • you get the stories about hairdressers who chopped off their hair back in the day;  no way is she considering suggestion #1
  • they will have a low, low budget for the hair but will be sporting designer gear
  • the husband or significant other will factor in even though she just loves the shaved side short pixie haircuts that are trending but just take a 1/4 inch off the ends please;
  • doesn’t color break the hair; her friend said coloring breaks the hair so she won’t do that today.
  • a relaxer is how much?  she only pays $xx in Montreal, how is Ottawa so expensive?

After this happens to you a few times, you learn to ask appropriate questions that the client wants satisfied.  It is a blow to the ego when you start a new ‘do’ and later realise the client left with exactly what she came in.  You cannot get angry, they are not ready to move forward and even if they are indecisive to a fault, it’s life.

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