In the last decade,

a lot more people sporting their curls have been asking why is my natural curly hair so frizzy?  What causes a perfectly  good set of curls to suddenly dissolve into a bunch of hairballs hanging out on your head.  It looked  fine after you came out of the shower, so what happened?

All natural curls have a pattern.¬† There has been attempts to classify curls into categories and many times I have people asking me which one they fall into.¬† They categorize themselves like ” Oh I am a 4C but my curls won’t hold after I dry it and it becomes this massive ball so I came for you to do it”.¬† From my years in hairstyling, like life, you learn not to deal in absolutes.¬† I thought all black people** had curly hair until I had a client–dark chocolate complexion-with bone straight hair.¬† Not relaxed or otherwise straightened but bone straight.¬† Funny thing was she was trying to make it curly!

Almost all heads I have encountered are not made up of one type.  They may be a 3 types of curl patterns on the one head.  The nape is usually silkiest,  the front  less so and the middle might have the coarsest.   As I said, this is average, but I have also had any combinations of this.

So here are a few things you might be doing why your natural curly hair is so frizzy:

Get a haircut: 

This does not necessarily mean 3 or 4 inches.  Maybe you have not had a trim for 2 years.  Your ends are fried and the hair will not curl until you do.  It will just hang in strands.  Conditioning is good but a trim would be best.

You are combing out the curls: 

If you are using a comb you are disturbing the curl pattern.  This straightens the hair and leaves it with uneven parts.  If you pull it back in a ponytail every day, the hair keeps this look so It will take product and patience to get your hair back to its natural state.

Are you eating right: 

If you are not eating a balanced diet, the hair suffers.  Lack of iron, zinc especially, shows up in the hair.  Correct this and you will be delighted with the difference it makes.

You need proper products:  Curly hair needs moisture.  You have to wash with moisturising shampoo and conditioner.  A 2-in-1 shampoo is not ideal.  Reading the ingredients helps to educate on the benefits of the product..  If it has no oils or conditioners, get something else.  If what you are using leaves your hair feeling dry and hard, change it.

If you swim often: 

You need to take special care whether in the pool with chlorine or sea water, both remove moisture from the hair.

These are the more obvious areas that if you are paying attention, will help you get beautiful curls.

By Paula Barker,

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