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This was the weekend for wedding hats and fascinators as many watched the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.  There was some debate about what she would wear but she did it as I expected:  classic, elegant and simple.  A lot of the ladies I spoke with had some opinions about that, but if they noted her style, it was a no-brainer.  If it had been been up to some, this would have been a recreation of that “Coming to America” scene when the brides were being introduced to “Prince” Eddie.  Everything would have been designer but over-the top!

The only things blinging on Megan were really the Queen Mary filigree tiara circa 1893, that amazing diamond bracelet and of course, her ring.  Her hair was in that low “messy bun” which she adjusted later for her departure with the loose bangs.  The look was understated and elegant, but what I wanted to see, but it has not been presented in detail yet, was that gorgeous veil.  Anyways, it will come, as supposedly  it had symbols from all 53 commonwealth countries.

The others things blinging were the wedding hats and fascinators that the guests wore.  I dressed up myself but unfortunately couldn’t find my fascinator, bummer!  There were fascinators in all the colors and styles.  There were all kinds of shapes, sizes and heights.  Serena Williams wore this really cute “dusty rose” one and Amal Clooney was it that glorious yellow hat that matched their outfits. Can I say that Serena’s extra long ponytail style with the cornrows at the front was simply to die for?

There were a few dresses that held my attention, but for the most part, it was the fascinators that got me going.  Of course, there are always a few that make you wonder what the lady was thinking, but lovely show!

By Paula Barker, Silkielocks Hair Design

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