In recent times, as social media platforms form the trends, many clients wanting a change are asking their stylists what Youtube videos to watch. Others watch the videos and try to replicate the look themselves with varied results.

The channel is a vast highway of information and learning for those willing to sift through.  But sift you must in order to find the results you seek.

I try to be helpful when clients ask what Youtube channel to watch but there are many factors to consider before any recommendations can be made.  It is possible the person can do the look successfully, but many have confessed to me that they find sometimes the timing given is totally untrue and the amount of hair needed was much more .

When you choose to make a style on Youtube, here are some factors to consider:

  • Does the moderator have  similar hair;
  • What materials do I need to carry out the project
  • What skills are needed
  • How long will it take to complete
  • What products are needed for after care
  • How long will the look last before it has to be redone

For example,  lots of people who try to make certain styles on youtube fail to ensure the model has similar hair type.    The products used do not work as well because the model has a different texture of hair or different features.   They are disappointed and end up going from product to product.

I have no problem with people exploring in order to make their lives easier,  I do however feel they should remember that like fashion, hairstyles have been done before, and to update it needs just a modern touch.  Therefore, before you accept the youtubers version of a style, ask your stylist if it was done before and if it will work for you.

By Paula Barker,

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