It’s June a.k.a. Prom Season and the future adults are asking “which prom hairstyle is right for me?”  Most have the outfit selected and sitting at home or out for minor adjustments.  Parents are handing out money for limos and arranging garden parties and sighing with relief that this phase is almost over.  The graduates are excited but nervous too about finding a prom hairstyle that is perfect and unique.

There are several avenues from which to get hairstyles:  magazines or hairstyling books still help but this generation will mostly search social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube or observe a favourite artist or athlete.  I noticed that they also seem to have a general idea of what each other is wearing since they send pics of their choices to their “besties”.  Slim chances of two of them arriving in the same outfit!

There are of course many hairstyles to choose from, but making a choice can be hard.  Here are a few points to consider if you are stuck:

  • Do a trial of the style before the day to be sure it will suit your look.  It is always stressful to realize the day of the event that your hair is not long enough or you never considered how the style was done in the back.
  • Does the model have a similar face shape as you?  This could be deceptive with the popularity of contouring in most makeup routines so attention to techniques used to align the face will help.
  • Will you need hair extensions to carry off the look?  These days having short hair is no longer an excuse to dismiss a hairstyle.  A hairstylist with experience should be able to give you the look.
  • What style is your dress?  For example you do not want flowing hair if there is a lot of detailing in the chest area.
  • Have a budget for the hair.  If the style requires hair extensions or making an updo, it will cost more so be sure to keep this in mind.
  • Book the hair appointment in advance.  Prom styles will take a little longer to do so expect to stay longer in the chair.
  • If you have to do the hair the day before, ask how to preserve the style overnight to avoid disappointment the next day.

Congratulations!  You have made it through what I consider the first uncharted adventure after childhood.  Hopefully the experience let you see the world and people for what they are and you are now ready to blaze your path to self fulfillment.  That was just me preparing you for the graduation speech but may your hair look as fabulous as you wished on your special day.

By Paula Barker,

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