Are you as frustrated and annoyed

as I am when you go shopping at different stores and have to ask yourself what dress size am I? Going into each clothing store currently means I have to make a list of sizes that apply to each because there is no longer a standard dress size.  My size changes so much I had to do a background check to make sure I was the same person!

Gone are the days when

you could just pick up a dress e.g. in a large and trust it to fit.   I hate taking off all those pieces, especially now it’s winter, to try something on.  This holiday I also remembered why I hated jumpers/rompers–going to the restroom turns into a strip show.  Excuse my rant but you cannot take anything off the rack any more.  When I had to swallow my pride and buy a size 16 jeans in one of my normal shopping jaunts, I went home with issues. 

We need to return

to a standard size in clothing so women don’t have complexes going to buy clothes.  Each designer, each brand has an audience.  I just want to have normalcy.    Ladies should not be debating which dress size am I each shop we walk into.  Granted it feels great when you discover you are suddenly a size 4 but deep down you know that’s impossible.  Now, I have changed where I shop as I realize I am in another age demographic but I have also let my inner 22 know it is okay to age gracefully.

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By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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