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Recently, while cleaning the neck of a male client, he mentioned that he was having a challenge as to how to prevent neck bumps from shaving.  Men have to do their landscaping just as ladies in order to look good.  It is very frustrating when they try to remove unwanted hair and end up with this irritating skin condition.  With males being the new focus of marketing companies, looking good means it is easier finding products on how to prevent necks bumps from shaving.

Manufacturers of products for hair and skincare have changed their focus from women, and are frantically trying to capture the still young male market.  Men are being wooed to pay more attention to nail and skin care.  No longer is it acceptable for them to look too rough.  I know men who refuse to commit or admit to doing the mani/pedi thing but like to do things themselves. There are a few things I know cause the bumps to erupt at the back of the neck and special care should be taken to prevent these:

  1. Razors or shavers too sharp:¬† ¬†Believe it or not, some men’s skin are sensitive to sharp razors.¬† If the blade is passed too many times over the same area, their skin is sore the next day.¬† To combat this, using an alcohol spray can help but there is a stinging sensation most do not look forward to.
  2. Razor has too many blades:   Some men should stick to the double blade razor only.  Most black men fall in this category.  Triple blade or more razors are for men with no sensitivity.  It looks nice on the ads but will leave your skin looking dark and filled with pimples.
  3. If your skin is always inflamed, stop shaving until the bumps disappear and wear a shadow for as long as possible.  This means cutting the chin with the smallest attachment or with no guard at all so there is still some hair there.  Spraying with white vinegar instead of the aftershave balm will help the skin repair.
  4. Razor/shaver not cleaned properly:  Sometimes the razor or shaver being used needs to be cleaned properly or it will cause the pimples in the back of the neck.  If it does not go away in a short period of time, a visit to the doctor would be a great idea.
  5. Disposable means just that:  Using the same old disposable razor several times is probably causing some of your problems.  Be proactive and stock up on them before you run out.

Nowadays, with so many social media platforms, guys have to pay attention to looking good to stay in the game.  Women expect you to put as much effort into how you present yourself as they did.  Happy manscaping.


By Paula Barker,

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