In a dramatic change from the norm, many people have chosen to wear red hair for the summer 2018.  Red hair has always been popular but not at the level of blonde.  In former times, reds were given a hard time but not anymore!    In fact, where before the shades of red favoured were more auburn or burgundy. this year we are seeing that rich, bright red hair for the summer 2018!  Like blonde, everyone has a shade of red that suits them more, you just have to hold different shades near your skin and see which one is more flattering.


I have always loved red hair, that fire red, but too coward to wear a full head.   Well, I should say “atomic red” because it is neon and not for the faint of heart.  The times I would have worn this shade was while I was working in an office.  There was no way to blend in such a conservative environment with that shade but I yearned to do it anyway.  Now. I think it suits younger people than myself as it would be a hard contrast for my skin.

Red can be seen on the various textures  e.g.

  • those sporting dreads that wanted color would opt for blonde at the tips.  A few went for red but very subtle.  Now, I am seeing that brilliant red on either all the dread or most of the locks so it looks like it grew out.
  • curly hair with dark brown roots or all over;
  • straight hair with undercuts
  • braid extensions
  • high top fades

You might not be able to wear the brighter red but other shades are available.  One thing to remember is that red washes out faster than any other color so a color shampoo and conditioner is a great investment.


By Paula Barker,

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