A Lovely Tradition For Me Is Mothers Who Take Their Daughters

to get their hair done.  I get to see the little misses walk importantly into the salon and take their place in the chair when it’s their turn.  They sit with nervous anticipation as they are slowly transformed and be like Mom when she gets her hair done.  There is a sense of delight and pleasure that is so lovely to see.  The hair will probably not last past the second bath, but it still gives me such joy to have been part of this bonding process!

You are probably like me running

around this last weekend before Christmas, waiting in a long line to the cash for the hundredth time and wondering where Christmas traditions come from.   There is a kid screaming his lungs out for not getting his way and you side with him instead of his mother giving you the embarrassed half smile. 

Christmas traditions get started by people hoping to create wonderful memories for loved ones, especially children.  From this we have tales of Santa Claus and Rudolf;  all the family gathering at a relative’s house or elderly relatives claiming productions rights to a particular food group e.g turkey, with dire consequences if they are removed.


I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays and to thank you for your support throughout the year.   Hopefully this post gave you happy memories of where Christmas traditions come from in your household.

So what are your family’s Christmas traditions that you continue every year? 

If you have none, do not feel bad–as a stylist I often hear about people who avoid family at this time year just to avoid having to call 911 a part of the tradition!  Myself, I am way too lazy to do all my mother would do because I know being a chef is not my calling.


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By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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