I was browsing the news recently, and came across the

caption ”Megan and the royal baby’s hair”.  Of course, I had to click because some ladies and I have had deep discussions on what the baby’s hair is going to look like.  It is amazing what becomes news for the day and how we have been intricately woven into royal business. Before she became the Duchess of Sussex, we barely cared about royal news unless it involved Diana, Princess of Wales!


What nobody is saying is that everyone is concerned how her african ancestry will affect the child’s appearance and hair.  The ladies and I all agreed hands down that the child has too many caucasian relatives for there to be any worry about colour.  But, we had differences of opinion with regard to the child’s hair texture. Some thought it would be:

  • Big red curls like Dad’s
  • Wavy and blonde like Diana’s
  • Straight and blonde
  • Big blonde curls
  • Dark blond ringlets


The other subject we covered was sex:  girl or boy?

The boys have it for now but there has been talk about twins!  It is every girl’s dream to have twins–a boy and a girl, then you can safely lock that shop!  If she has a girl or girls  there will be lots of unwanted advice for Megan and the royal baby’s hair much like when Beyonce dared to let her daughter wear her hair au natural.


The delivery is expected to be later this month.  I am sure we will once again be visiting the subject of Megan and the royal baby’s hair.  The Duchess will have tons of support I am sure and more so if the child’s hair is partial to a curl.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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