Who Can Wear Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair is popular again this summer!  Everywhere I go, there are black ladies sporting this hue.   In 2005 when I  started wearing blonde colors, I would get stares and comments. Many felt that the color was just for paler skins.  It was so unusual then, one lady at the security checkpoint at the airport asked me if I was a celebrity!

There is a blond for everyone, you just have to find  the one right for you.  To get the shade that suits your skin color, experts say look at the veins in your wrist.  If your veins are more blue or purple, you have a cool undertone and if your veins are green, then your skin has a warm undertone.  What does this mean in terms of hair color?  If you are cool, then you will suit colors that are called ash or beige.  Warm means you look better in colors with golden or honey tones.

Black people have long chart of choices because each person can fall in any of these categories.  There are black people from one family who will fall in ash and beige tones as well as golden and honey.  Careful notice of the undertone will help.   Your skin at your neck below the ear is a great place to choose your color.  If you are in the sun a lot, your face might be slightly darker.  My simple formula is to make the color like your skin tone or a shade lighter.  Going too much lighter will wash the skin out and the regrowth will highlight the error because of the contrast.

Platinum blonde is better on natural, conditioned hair. ¬†To get to this level requires a few steps and maintaining the integrity of the hair is essential. ¬†When the hair is over-processed, it looks frayed and lies limp. ¬†A haircut is the best way to correct this problem. I often have clients who try to go this shade at home and end up with regret. ¬†Conditioning treatments can help but only short term. Depending on the underlying shade in each individual’s hair, going platinum can take time. ¬†A few visits to the salon is necessary in some cases where the orange stage is strong.

Maintaining the color means using moisturising shampoos and deep conditioners.  A blue shampoo, like those for grey hair, helps to keep the brass out for those with platinum blond.  The roots will need to be done in six weeks.  Dark roots are on trend so there is no rush to have them done currently, but care should be taken as the lightened ends need special care.

Should you try it?  From a hairstylist, Yes! YOLO!.  If this is a big step try clip-in hair extensions.  Try different shades of blond against your skin until you find one that suits you.

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Blond faux-hawk with tapered sides

Blond faux-hawk hairstyle with closely tapered sides on african american female