You know hairstylists are always looking at people’s hair, and today I saw a

common at-home hair dye mistake, again. Why are there people who clearly have been here for more than half a century trying to have black hair?  Aging is a natural part of life, but, if you are like me, refusing to let it capture you gracefully, at least do your research or get it done by a professional.

First, let me beg forgiveness from my colour teacher for using the word “dye”.  At hairdressing school,

we are taught that words like “dye and bleach” are for clothes but I had to use the word this time to make my point.  Many people look puzzled when I act proper and say “colour and lighten”.  Anyway, I saw a Boomer, who clearly had kept himself up with the times, with black hair.  Not only is it unbelievable, it made his otherwise trendy look useless.

Looking youthful does not mean wearing the same clothes or hair colour

of our youth.  It means wearing age-appropriate clothes and hair colours.  As we age, our skin colour and texture changes. Since the skin is losing the smoothness of youth, Colouring the hair black makes it look speckled and patchy.  It looks as ridiculous as some of the plastic surgery people do to look younger.  This one-look-fits all is not going to cut it!

Others have gone the “natural” route, choosing henna for its earthy 

properties.  Unfortunately, often the hair gets this bright orange tint that is rarely attractive.  Also, henna stops other hair colours from penetrating the hair shaft. The hair will change at the new growth only.

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If you are older and trying to have dark hair, you should check what looks more natural on your skin.  Most people of African descent look better in the shade called  “darkest brown”, not black, a common at-home hair dye mistake.  Other races look better in a medium to dark brown, not black.  Another thing that is a common at-home hair dye mistake is bleaching the hair too light for your skin tone.  When in doubt, I recommend doing your research or consulting a professional.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design