Usually when you plan to do anything for a long time, you come to realize 

that a good exit strategy matters.  For years exit strategies have been recommended for business or marketing products but what about dreadlocks? 


Seriously, there are people who get dreadlocks because they feel it is the smartest way to get 

longer hair!  It does work but can depend on proper hair care, method used and good old genetics. When they first start the locking journey, these people will say they do not plan to keep the dreadlocks for long.  Some of the questions they ask may include:

  • How do you take dreadlocks off?
  • Is cutting them off the only option?
  • What if I do not want to cut them when I want them removed?



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If you only want dreadlocks to have longer hair, I would recommend that you choose your locking

method carefully.  The method you choose will decide how difficult or easy removal will be.  Because of the many requests I have received for removals, here are a few recommendations to make it easier:

  • Certain methods, e.g. palm rolling can make the take down faster.
  • Removing dreadlocks on a looser curl or straight hair is much easier.
  • For those with curly hair, it is not harder, just requires more care when unraveling as
  • curly hair has many textures.
  • The time required to do the removal depends on your texture, length and care over the life of dreadlocks.
  • Micro or small locks may not end with the length you want.
  • Having a good oil/conditioner mix is essential to keep the hair supple so there is minimum breakage. 
  • The length of time removal takes depends on the dedication of the person doing it.

I hope I helped you see that when you don’t plan on keeping dreadlocks  for long, a good exit strategy matters. Because of the time removing dreadlocks takes, it is not a service offered to clients unless they have had it under two months; they reach about shoulder length and number under 40. 

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design