I have to tell you about a secret weapon grooming product I like to use.  I 

have to use it very often in the salon because it works.  It is not overly expensive.  It comes in various colours and sizes.  The size I use will depend on what I need to do.   What is this secret weapon you are wondering:  a comb.  

Since the lockdowns, I have had more instances of severely knotted hair than ever.  The hair looks

good on the outside but dig a little deeper and you find a whole network of intertwined hair.  When I try to comb it through, the person can rise out of the chair or lean too far to the side  to get away.  Getting the comb to go smoothly from root to tip causes intense sweating and/or moaning.  Honestly, I am like the doctor that has to fix your broken arm.  Eye on the prize, get the job done despite the fidgeting.

If you were unable to open your hair for a long period of time, here are the things you need to do so:

  • Wide tooth comb
  • Conditioner, oil, detangle lotion, hair moisturizer (sometimes I do a mixture of two) 
  • Lots of time


  • Soak the hair in conditioner, oil, detangling lotion or hair moisturizer 30 minutes to an hour before.
  • Starting from the bottom, pick at the hair until you have a loose end.  Gripping the hair, continue picking at it then combing down until you reach the scalp. 
  •  Your head will hurt. 
  •  Your arms will hurt. 
  •  There will be lots of hair on the floor to make you feel you will have none left.  Regardless, continue to comb until it is finished. 
  •  If your hair was in braids, at some points you will find where you can pull them apart.

The reason I call the comb a secret weapon grooming product is that it works on everyone.  Everybody tries to avoid using it but it causes less stress than a brush.  It gets into difficult areas and knots disappear if you use the proper size.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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