I have been wondering what  has been happening to people with a short 

history of dreadlocks, since the lockdown.  I thought of them because they have been known to cut the hair the minute they have a crisis!  They have dreadlocks because everyone else has them.  There is no love, it is just a fashion statement.


Occasionally, I got that call:  I need to do my hair today because

(party tonite!) and if you can’t take me, I’m gonna have to cut it.  Meanwhile, I explain, for the fifth time,  I already have appointments.  I am not being mean, I just cannot do your hair today.  Most times, these people only call because their regular hair person cannot do the service either.  This happens a lot if you leave things to the last minute.

Hope You Are Keeping Busy And Safe During This Time. 

I was pointing out to someone recently that certain people are not suitable for dreadlocks.  People who are, do not have a short history with dreadlocks unless they have no control over the situation.  They will ignore snarky comments and laugh at snubs because they are comfortable in their skin.  I had clients who tied up thinning dreads or stored broken ones for reattachment during the first lockdown.  That’s dedication.  Those with a short history of dreadlocks, are “fashion dreadies” and that’s okay too.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design