Sometimes, ladies who have grown long dreadlocks,

have asked about adding fake wispy ends to natural dreadlocks.  They no longer want to have the rounded ends that is the norm. There is something about long curls or wisps that calls to the romantic side of most people and I am seeing a greater demand for this look.


Who doesn’t like long flowing hair?  If it is lustrous and thick,

people just want to touch it and run their hands through it.  Wisps and curls give a vision of romance and femininity that lots of women with longer hair find enticing.  Women with dreads are no different. When dreadlocks have long layers with wisps and curls through them, they say “sexy”. Quite a few of the requests cite the looks of Zoe Kravitz and her mom Lisa Bonet.

When adding fake wispy ends to dreadlocks you can:

  • use synthetic or natural hair.  If the person has real dreads, I like to use real human hair and synthetic if they have faux locks.  
  • I crochet in the wisps about 1 1/2 inches from the ends.  For the faux locks this is left out after the wrapping ends.  
  • if the person is naturally curly and already has dreadlocks, you might not have to add anything.  If you gently work on the ends of the dreads the end will come out and the curls happen when it gets wet.  
  • For those with straight hair, try not cutting off the ends and instead of blunting them leave them to grow into wisps.

If you have fallen in love with this look, but do not yet have the lengths to get it, patience is another way  rather than adding fake wispy ends to natural dreadlocks.

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By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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