I was listening to one of my favorite Earth, Wind And Fire songs, 

“After The Love Has Gone”, and thought I would use it as a caption to answer a couple of requests from readers.  Some of you are concerned as to what to do when your current hair crush comes to an end!

When you have been doing your hair in a certain style for a while, there comes a time when you want a change.

 The change can be because of an illness;  genetic condition; from an accident or you just don’t want it any more.  Below, I have outlined the steps you can take after the love has gone:

Jherri Curl/ Relaxer/Perm: 

When your natural hair grows in, It is best to cut of the hair at the point the hair was last done.  This is necessary because the hair at the point at which they meet will become damaged and there will be breakage.

For those who don’t know, a Jheri curl is done on super curly hair and a perm/permanent is done on straight hair.  They are both used to make the hair curly using perm rods.


If you no longer want the colour you have, you can 

1. change the colour to another one, if your hair is in good condition;

2. return to your natural colour, or 

3. cut off only the coloured section, if you wish.


For the majority of the time, you may have to cut them.  There is the option to try and comb them out but be prepared to spend days or even weeks, depending on how long you had them and your hair texture.  

When dreads are removed, you will lose the thickness you became accustomed to and you will have to cut the ends.

Silk Press: 

The hair will return to its natural state easily.  However, you may find some areas will have straight parts.  Everyone’s hair is made up of two or more textures. Each texture reacts differently after a silk press. If the straight parts bother you, a trim will take care of it.


(If you wish to change the style or it was a bad one):

Cut off all the hair

Change the shape of the cut

Using gel, hat, pins or putting the hair up to hide until it grows out.

Before you make the change, do your research to find other styles that excite you.  After all, the only way to move on is to pick yourself up and dust yourself off, after the love has gone.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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