I did not realize this was so widespread but is 

anyone else in pain after maintenance on their dreads?  If you have been following me, you might know I use the crochet and palm rolling methods for dreadlocks.  Therefore, at first, I did not pay much attention when I heard murmurs about discomfort felt from interlocking.


If you speak with someone using the interlocking method, they will tell you it is: 

  • Easier to do
  • Takes less time
  • Cheaper
  • Tight to the head
  • Stays tighter longer 
  • They can learn this method easily by watching how-to-videos.

Nowadays, we are being told some not-so-wonderful things

about the interlocking method.  These are 

  1. Locticians that use this method care only about tightening the roots
  2. the length of the locs are “messy”
  3. The hair is done so tightly, it can take two weeks for the hair to loosen up.
  4. Clients mostly have severe breakage on the perimeter of the hair.
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I feel that people who are using the interlocking method need to be mindful of the pain their clients are experiencing.  Things are pretty bad if  grown men are telling you that a tear escapes down their face when they get their hair done.  I am not saying there is not anyone else in pain after maintenance using the other methods, but interlocking seems to give the most.  

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design