Hairstylists sometimes have clients who like bringing their own products to the 

salon.  There are numerous products on the market.  Hair salons could not keep such a large inventory.  Not all products will work the same on everyone’s hair.  There are people with all kinds of challenges that may not be able to use the salon’s products.  However, it is best to ask so there are no misunderstandings.

I once worked at a salon that used a popular brand of shampoo.  Everybody loved it, people love it

up to today.  After one week of using said shampoo, my fingers became dry and shriveled.  At first I thought I was not moisturizing enough but as the weeks continued, I had to do some soul searching.  Finally, I figured it out and I never used it again.   When I do a service,  I use quality products but I note if the client’s hair feels dry after using any product anyways.

That being said, let’s be frank about clients bringing their own products to the salon.  If you choose to bring

your own products to the salon, you should know the following:


  • Sometimes, the products clients bring in are of terrible quality.  If the stylist feels it will not do an excellent job on your hair, they can choose not to use it.
  • Clients with health or skin challenges should inform the stylist.  In most cases, bringing their own products to the salon is usually fine unless it poses a danger to the other clients or the stylist.  In which case, it is probably better for the client to have the service done where the business specializes in that need.
  • The stylist is not obligated to give you a discount because you brought your own products.  Salons stock products for use and it would be unwise to have everyone bringing stuff in.  
  • New products means new information on the product’s use.  The stylist may not have the time available for them to figure out the steps to finish your service before the next appointment arrives.

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Over the years, I have had clients who liked bringing their own products to the salon.  It was usually because they had allergies to certain ingredients. However, you do get that one person who is trying to be too frugal.  Product is a minor part of the price, the skill to carry out the service is where pricing matters.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design