I observed some teenagers having difficulty communicating today and 

asked myself, can an introvert choose to become an extrovert?  This morning on the bus,  as usual, everyone chose to stand in a bundle by the bus driver’s cubicle.  Others stood by the doors, moving slightly for anyone asking to exit.  

At several stops, people trying to exit the bus had to

prompt them to let them by before the doors closed.  Those who were slow or did not speak up stood helpless as the doors closed and the driver went on his way.  I could feel their shock as the door locked.  I could also feel their plea for someone to call out to the driver to make him stop.  Today, no one was there.

If you speak to friends I grew up with to describe my character,

one the first words would be “quiet”.  I would speak with friends but shut down in a group  This continued until I started working. I worked jobs so the bosses did most of the talking.  Eventually, I became a hairstylist and not being willing to speak up was not working anymore.  If you wonder can an introvert choose to become an extrovert, let the rent be due, or one two many people try to under value your work!  You learn to speak up pretty quickly!

A career in hairstyling requires you to be working on someone for hours sometimes.  Have you tried not speaking with someone for four hours?  Not a word?  It is awkward!  I have done it a few times but only because the client takes this as their “peace” time.  Also, I do call them out if they blatantly ignore me and the next time they are more friendly.  Apparently, there are salons where they ignore the client the whole appointment.  And, they expect them to come back and refer people too.

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If you are very shy now and want to go into a profession that requires you to be outgoing, you can go for it.  When you are put in a situation where speaking up for yourself is required, you will no longer need to ask can an introvert choose to become an extrovert.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design