If you are experiencing breakage or have been neglecting your dreadlocks,

you may be asking:  can damaged locs be repaired?  The loss of a loc can be scary for the owner and sometimes to the unsuspecting person that finds it!   Hopefully, the space can be covered up until maintenance can be done.  However, the cause of the loss will ultimately determine if a repair is possible.

Damage to locs can be for several reasons, including:

  • Medical – medications can cause the hair to become brittle, e.g. radiation
  • Fights – This is for real people.  Mostly, this happened at 3:00 a.m. after the club.
  • Long period between appointments for maintenance – This is by far the most common.  Honestly, some people, especially teenagers, will wear their hair until it is just being held up by a string if the hairstyle is looking cute.
  • Interlocking – This happens after many years of heavy tightening. The hair will have started to have a path of breakage.  
  • Fixing others’ work – e.g. I have had to remove thread, extension hair, cord etc. that were previously used to do repair on the locs.

A repair appointment can take longer depending on the amount of work needed.  It is usually possible to

do the repair unless:

  1. The loc was pulled from the root, in which case, we wait for hair to grow back in.
  2. The person is losing hair in the area, mostly through genetics.
  3. The hair is too thin or brittle to reuse..

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If you have a question, such as, can damaged locs be repaired, you can rest assured that we try every method to get them back in shape.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design