Dreadlocks continues to grow in popularity, garnering followers all over the globe.  It seems many people who were hesitant to try them before are throwing caution to the wind and going for it!  On one of the dreadlocks sites I frequent, one of the popular questions asked is about growing dreadlocks naturally.  While a fair question, I think there are some questions you need to ask yourself before going this route.
  • Do you work in a conservative environment
  • Do you care for people’s opinion on your hair
  • Do you have children of school age 8 & up
  • What if you had to change jobs

Do You Work in a Conservative Environment? ¬†This might seem a silly question to ask at first, then you recall that until recently, dreadlocks were not an accepted hairstyle in predominantly conservative environments like law offices and government departments. ¬†There was that sense of disapproval from the hiring parties, as if the person’s hair was dependent on how he/she did their work. ¬†There is still that sense now from the older generation, although a lot of them have relaxed their stance, especially if the worker is a snazzy dresser.



Do You Care For People’s Opinion of Your Hair? ¬†If you are a person who cannot handle people’s sometimes annoying comments about your hair, you will have some challenges. ¬†Random questions like how you wash your hair or do you wash your hair has been know to send a few people bonkers. ¬†Having to continuously explain how the dreads gradually mature is another one. ¬†Clients who do “neglect” dreads” as it is called face these type of questions daily from strangers, family members and friends. ¬†Not everyone will like your hair, so the struggle is real!

What if You Had to Change Jobs? ¬†Now this is a worst case scenario, but it has happened: ¬†You get the dream interview and you give up and have to cut your hair so you can make a good impression. ¬†I suggest doing it right the first time and having the hair regularly maintained so there is no cutting. ¬†Regular dreads look great pulled back in a ponytail. ¬†Just know that neglect dreads take a longer time to tame and most folks who like them don’t want to spend the time. ¬†If you control your environment this is not a situation you would encounter but for others, these are important things to keep in mind.

By Paula Barker, Silkielocks.com

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Do You Have Children Ages 8 & Up: ¬†I included this topic as I have had instances where a couple broke up and the child is hearing negative responses from the not-locked spouse about the other parent. ¬†Also, the child learns have to always explain the appearance of the locking head to friends. ¬† Some go a long time doing the neglect dreads but eventually, for the child’s sanity and their own, they try to do some minor maintenance. ¬†Sometimes you have to do what is best for your child.

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