Coloured dreadlocks

are trending, so on a regular basis I have people asking me “Can I bleach dread extensions?”  Coloured dreads have increased in popularity with the variety of colours found in wool or synthetic dread extensions.  Those with human hair now want the same choices.  

If you are from the old school,

you will be very surprised to know that no longer do millenials want to wait 4-5 years for their dreadlocks to grow long, they want it now.  And, they get it, by way of dread extensions.  You can now purchase dreads in human or synthetic hair to extend your hair to whatever length you want.  When I get asked can I bleach dread extensions the person has probably added the hair already and now wants a colour change.

The processes which human hair

goes through to sort and clean it before it is put on the market are extensive.  For you to again bleach and/or colour it can cause the hair to frizz up and tangle.  Virgin hair would be ideal, but costs an arm and a leg if you have to make 50 pieces so for most people it is not in the budget.  Can you bleach dread hair extension?  Yes.  Would I do it.  No.  What are your options then? 

Your options are:

  • colour/bleach your hair before adding the extensions.
  • buy the extensions in the colour you desire if possible.
  • If you have already added the extensions, make the assumption that you are going to have some looseness or possible lose the extension.  If it works, you will have to tighten them.
  • The colour might not be even all the way.

Extensions take the work out of doing hair and there are always options so you can have what you desire.


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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