Nowadays, you can sell almost anything, literally, online. Therefore, it came

as no surprise when during a consultation someone asked:  “can I sell my dreadlocks?”  This individual was going to have dreadlocks done on his long, lustrous hair, with the intention putting them up for sale when he got tired of the look.  I can hear the “judging” going on right now, but if the man wants to have his cake and eat it too a.k.a. profit from his hair, now is the time!


Of course, there are numerous places you can purchase human hair dreadlocks extensions.  These

are made with human hair but have gone through a process.  Other places e.g. Etsy, Facebook, are where you can sell your own hair because there are people who prefer “natural or real”.  The main reasons given for buying dreadlocks from individuals are:

  • Saves years on growing your own
  • Blends in better with their own hair
  • Able to colour it safely
  • Looks great from day 1
  • Can get hair over 14 inches to lengthen your own
  • Feel is more natural, soft
  • Cost is lower, (even free) if you get it from a relative or friend


If you decide to sell your hair, you need to ensure you take care to clean it and leave it free from lint and dust.  Regular care will keep it even from root to end.  The aim is to have hair that makes other people look, so keep this in mind in case you get tempted to slack off. If you keep up the proper maintenance, the question could be when can I sell my dreadlocks?


By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design


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