In the beginning, most people want to know how long their dreadlocks 

could grow not can locs be too heavy!  The idea that someone would complain about their hair being heavy is so unusual, most people think it doesn’t happen.  Some people are blessed with lots of hair.  This can come via genetics, eating the right food or hair extensions.  Whatever the source, how do you know when your locs are too heavy?


If you are a modern day Rapunzel naturally or artificially, here are instances your dreadlocks

may be too heavy:

  • Neck pain
  • You check yourself before turning your head
  • Looking back at earlier pictures show your hairline has gone back by an inch
  • You have to pile your hair on top of your head daily, or at least wear it half up, half down
  • You have ‚Äúentanglements‚ÄĚ with them regularly while sitting or sleeping


Over the years, several of my clients have had to cut their dreadlocks mostly because they

had challenges with their necks and the weight of the hair.  Now, if you are told to cut your locs, we are not saying chop it all off!  A cut could mean 3-4 inches.  The difference you feel is worth it. 


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 I do get some resistance suggesting a haircut.  People treat their hair like their gold. 

The loss of any length is most times a cause for intense discussion but I cut hair regularly so a haircut on dreadlocks seems normal for me.  I am bad  for people who want to hold a ceremony or have a moment of silence. Sorry.  It grows back so fast, we will probably have the discussion again in a year or two!


So, can locs be too heavy? Yes it can.  Should you cut some of it when this happens? Yes you should! Will it grow back? Amazingly fast!

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design