The question:  can you undo dreadlocks, is still one of the most frequently 

asked questions during a consultation.  The idea that after making your hair in dreadlocks, cutting it off is usually the only option for a change. This scares off most people.  After years of having dreadlocks, people get bored.  They want to remove the dreadlocks but keep their hair.  This is perfectly acceptable, except this could happen maybe 10 years down the road.  There may have been a lot of changes in the hair structure and possibly the maintenance technique.

Usually, no one volunteers to cut all their hair off.  When they do, it is a conscious choice. For dreadlocks wearers, the feeling is the same.  They can delay the decision for months.  Being able to comb it out is always a great option.

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I do not, as a rule, offer this service because it can take ages to comb out.  Add the fact that a person may have hair reaching their lower back, you are spending a great amount of time together.  I once had a client that had dreadlocks for 3 months.  She had extensions which we took out in 30 minutes.  The comb out, however, took 4 hours. 

 So, can you undo dreadlocks?  Yes, if your hair allows it and you have lots of time to spare.

 By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design.