Humans are forever evolving and changing

and even with the popularity of dreadlocks, you will get that “What are your charges for dreadlocks removal’ call.  Those who love their hair shudder to think anyone could do such a thing, but this happens more often than you think!

People remove their dreadlocks for various

reasons:  medical, new job or just for a change are among the chief explanations given for taking the step.  Recently, the reason has changed slightly: they want the dreadlocks removed but wish to keep the hair.  To achieve this, means combing out months or usually years of growth.


Since removal can be a lengthy process, it is not a service I provide if you fall in any of these categories:

  • You have had your dreadlocks for more than 6 months
  • The dreads are very thin
  • You have been using the interlocking, neglect or sister locks method.
  • Your hair is extremely curly and hardens when it becomes locked.

Many are not happy when you say it is not a service you provide but like I stated before, removing dreadlocks

takes a lot of hours. To give you an idea of the length of time, here are some examples:

  •  braids in curly hair for 3 months that are regular size can take hours to remove on your own.  Imagine a full head of hair in small partings that has been in that state for 6 years.  
  • When you remove braids after a 3 month period, the person’s scalp is so sensitive with all the pulling, they sometimes need a week for recovery!
  • If the client is determined to keep their hair, you have no idea of the time it could require and most cannot cope with the pulling.
  • It is best done if there are many volunteers working on all sections of the head.
  • Straight, wavy or some Afro-textured hair are easiest to remove.  When there is interlocking or other twisting it can make the comb out more complicated.

Since charges for dreadlocks removal will depend on the total of time, I would say you should be prepared for it to cost you or consider removing them yourself in increments

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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