Over the years there have been many times I have had to counsel

clients on choosing the right thickness for hair extensions.  Social media has made it possible for non-celebrities to showcase themselves.  This has led to some over-the-top behavior especially in their use of hair extensions!  How many times have we seen ladies doing ankle-length braids or weaves with forty-two inches of hair? 

To have many of the hairstyles that girls fantasize about, you just need

hair extensions.  Taste is no longer necessary because nowadays, anything goes.  Along with extra-long nails in flirty colors,  accessories and a hot body, there is no limit to what one can do.  In the past, shaming was a national sport so people kept it simple.  Most ladies then would give up their lives rather than admit to wearing hair extensions.

In the hair extension business, these are some of the reasons people want  this service:

  • More volume to make their hair look thicker at the top
  • All the hair under the extensions with the top left out for a more natural look
  • Pieces in the back for length
  • A full cover weave with no hair left out
  • Adding several extra packs of hair for it to appear more voluminous 
  • Knotless/Goddess/Passion/Butterfly etc. braids in extra long just for the drama


When doing extensions, It is important to keep in mind how much weight

will be added to your head.  While the style looks great now, two months later, the hair can start to  disappear.  As the hair grows, the weight gets transferred a half an inch lower on your scalp each time.  However, I still see folks with braids that have seen better days walking around. 


Choosing the right thickness for hair extensions is always better for your scalp.  If you do not apply this policy, you may become a weave/braid junkie because your natural hair will always seem thin.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

Books:  “Talking Hair”, “Filling My Head” & Dreadlocks – A Hairstylist’s Manifest.


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