Summer is inspiring us to get a colour change but how does one go about 

colouring hair without making a mess?  I am highlighting colouring dreadlocks in this instance because they come with a whole new set of rules!

If the dreads/locs are short or long, I find the level of care you take is about the same.  For example:

  • when colouring short locs/dreads blond for instance, unless they are the same length all over, you have to ensure the ones on top are not resting on the ones below.  If you don’t, you could end up with spots of blond that you have to cover up.  
  • If the dreads/locs are long, you have to be mindful of any sudden movements.  In this age of cell phones, you are one notification away from having to clean up your client, the floor and/or yourself.
  • The colours I have found of particular concern is the infamous jet black.  But now, I have found that bright reds are increasing my PTSD.  Trust me, you do not want any dreads/locs flying like southbound geese with either of these colors near your walls.  I have a window with a street view and very active neighbours that catch clients’ attention often.  

To solve this challenge, I decided that all colour on dread/locs

had to be contained.  My solution has worked very well.  Actually, colouring any hair without making a mess means:

  • Using foil to hold two or three dreads/locs but not sealing it so the colour can process.
  • This number also depends on how thick the dreads/locs are.  If they are small, you could put more.
  • The width of the foil is a factor but I do not like putting many dreads/locs in a bunch because it makes moving, even slightly, a little awkward.
  • Washing the colour out is another area to watch.  One flick can move your walls from one colour to splattered polka dot.

Hopefully this blurb helps you with colouring hair without making a mess.  Happy summer!

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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