I thought it was totally appropriate to use coming in from the cold – Freeform

locs to illustrate this blog.  Those who prefer freeform locs are usually those who want freedom.  They do not like to look like everyone else and this an expression of this need.  However,  life has a way of dragging you by the neck back to conformity!

So far in my career, I have found that the people who are able

to keep freeform locs are either:

  • Students 
  • Self employed
  • Rich or rich thinking
  • Free-thinking, living simply and taking life as it comes with no chains from money


This group shrinks when any of them takes jobs because of a need for money, unless the job is

remote/outside work, artistic or working with children.  But even then, there is an expectation of basic grooming from colleagues.  Many of my clients who came in to clean up their freeform locs, did so because they had to start meeting people for funding, jobs etc.  

The interesting thing about freeform locs is that they are various sizes.  This gives the dreads a unique look

as every head will be different.  To clean them up, one has to:

  • Make clean parts for each loc
  • For locs that are thinning, you may need to join with another/others
  • Sometimes you have to create a sort of pattern to make them look better
  • Loose hairs should be crocheted in for a smoother look.

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My funniest experience was a groom who was dropped off by his

fiancé.  When she came back I think she thought I had replaced him with Brad Pitt!  She was drooling all over him and saying how great he looked.  He actually started getting a little insulted. Lesson to you free formers, you still need to occasionally do some landscaping!

Even if you feel there is no reason for coming in from the cold – free form locs at the moment,  there may come occasions in life that require you to reconsider.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design