This coming week small business will once again be allowed to open 

but we can’t help feeling like we are being conditionally released from custody.  It feels great to be able to make your own money again but for how long?  Will we be required to do another close?


We’re Back!  Call (613) 789-2179 For An Appointment If You Are In The Ottawa, Ontario Area.


I could not help equating this reopening with being

conditionally released from custody.  The operative word here being “conditionally”.  I thought of some situations in hairstyling where this “on permanent temporary hold” feeling applied:


  • Kids who endure braids or dreads because the parent feels it looks “cute”.
  • Wives who are not “allowed” to cut their hair because “he” likes it long.
  • Kids who have long hair all their lives because of their parents.
  • Women who lighten (bleach) their natural hair to death because that is the only way they feel they can attract a mate.
  • Women who wear makeup 24/7 because that’s just how it’s done.
  • Folks who colour their grey hair every week because they will be kept back for being seen as old.
  • People who wear wigs because society would ridicule them because of their hair loss.

Hopefully, this situation of being conditionally released from custody will not persist.  We all want to be like one young woman who had hair past her lower back.  As soon as she reached age 18 she chopped it all off and got a pixie cut! 

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design