You might have seen that epic TicToc where a lady got her hair “laid”.   It 

has to take the award of the worst DIY disaster of the lockdown!  The lady in question wrongly bought a spray glue instead of hairspray.  Sometimes, you grab the closest thing while going through the grocery store.  I have done it.  Sometimes it works; sometimes it is a bad call.

A lot of inventions came through people running short of something.  For example using a

conditioner for shaving or coconut oil as an awesome moisturizer for hair, skin and nails.  In a bid to find a perfect substitute, there is going to be  some carnage.  I have clients who cannot touch coconut oil.  Instead of moisturizing, it causes extreme dryness.


Still in lockdown.  Will Keep You Updated. 

The moral of this story is something they hammered in our heads at hairstyling school:  “follow

manufacturers’ instructions”.   If you are thinking of changing products:

  • check the “ Directions” carefully.
  • Note especially “Caution” instructions.
  • People leave all kinds of products on shelves they do not belong to.  Read carefully.


The lockdown has people short on time.  Not paying attention can make you the DIY disaster of the lockdown. 

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design