You might be one of those people who always wanted long locs and

want to try extensions, but, do dread extensions damage your hair?  Who doesn’t admire the current styles that can be done with locs?  Technology has changed the choices for hairstyles tremendously so many people turn to extensions to enhance their hair game!

Dread extensions are the new way to have dreads with none of the guilt.

The new generation feels the same pressure a celebrity does to look picture perfect all the time.  Therefore, instead of waiting for their hair to grow long naturally as the generation before them had to do, they can buy dreadlock extensions.  The extensions vary in price and quality.  They can also be made from human hair or synthetic material.

To address the question:  do dread extensions damage your hair, I would say it can happen in the

following instances:

Your hair is thin and the extensions are bigger in size to your hair.

The extensions are more than two times longer than the length of your hair.

You have neglected to do maintenance on your dreads e.g. over a month and the roots of your hair are bearing the weight of the extensions.

The partings made to hold the dreads were too small.

The roots of your hair get tangled in the extensions and cause breakage.

Having the extensions in a style for more than two days can also cause thinning.

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Do dread extensions damage your hair?  Yes, if you neglect them. If you choose to put dreadlock extensions on your hair, you have committed to take the same care as you would with your own hair.  

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design