Imagine, you decided to get the locs you have always wanted but now

you are wondering do dreadlock extensions stay in?  After all, the parents and some friends and relatives would just love any reason to say “I knew it was a bad idea!”

Dreadlocks extensions have been the favorite child of the hair industry for

several years.  Not only have people everywhere in the world been erasing the stigma attached to dreads/locs, parents, and grandparents have gradually come over to the “loc” side.  To answer the question, do dreadlock extensions stay in, the answer is yes, except in the following situations:.

  • Client has thin hair which makes it difficult to hold the extensions
  • Extension is larger than person’s hair – there is a noticeable difference between the width of the person’s hair and the extension hair 
  • Extension is too heavy for the section of hair 
  • Texture of the person’s hair differs from the extension
  • Hair is too short to hold the extension – Three inches or more is required
  • Extension was not securely attached – sometimes crocheting alone is not enough
  • Client always plays with extensions, e.g. overtwisting, leaving in styles for weeks
  • Waiting too long between maintenance appointments
  • The quality of the extensions plays an important part in how long they last – I have clients who bought hair that split in sections even though the tag said 100% human hair.
  • The daily care of the hair and the extensions, e.g. sleeping with a silk bonnet or durag.

If you are wondering do dreadlock extensions stay in, having them installed by someone with the knowledge required helps. 

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design

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