I have had many clients who are considering making dreads ask me “Do 

dreadlocks affect employment chances?  The year is 2022 but this question is still valid, depending on where you live, incredible!  Unfortunately, even today, there are still biases and prejudices about hair.  

One thing I know for sure, while growing up in the islands, we saw people who were among others,

lawyers, engineers, professors and teachers that wore dreadlocks.  It was also true that most of the people with dreadlocks, who worked outside offices, were mostly self employed, but the myth that dreadlocks were not tolerated in the learned circles is pure fiction.  What I also know about those people who wore dreadlocks despite the persecution, is that they were mentally strong, confident people.  To question their decision to wear that hairstyle, was to open dialogue that you had to be well prepared to defend.

Those pioneering rebels remind me of today’s young people. 

They will wear socks with sandals, white after Labour Day, pink shirts if they think it’s “fresh”, Girls will rock a guy’s running shoes…, you get the picture.  This is the same for hair.  They want to wear what makes them feel comfortable.  Having their life controlled by outdated standards is not part of their network.

If you have a concern whether dreadlocks affect employment chances, here are a few suggestions to help

stop that:

  • Your dreads should be neat.  If you are unable to get them done and you have to go in to work, on the day before, you have to put aside three hours and twist them to the roots.
  • If your hair is long enough, put your locs in a ponytail if you feel there will be any hate. If they are short, wrap and pin them up until you can have them done. 
  • Always sleep with a durag, silk scarf or a silk bonnet to slow the flyaways and lint.  

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Arguing for or against the question: do dreadlocks affect employment chances is difficult as I feel whether or not it affects it depends on your level of self confidence.

By Paula Barker, Silkie Locks Hair Design